Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Ah, it's a lazy day for me. Lounging, laundry time, still trying to get everything back in order after my Chicago trip. But it was worth it. Femme Con was... amazing. Powerful. Transformative. I came back energized and politicized.

It also was great to meet some kickass femmes who are also on Etsy. I met and talked with the owner of CherryBerryBunny, who was vending at the conference. Everywhere I turned, someone was wearing one of her necklaces!

I talked with various femme ladies about starting an Etsy Queers (or maybe Etsy Femmes) team. There's interest out there, and one vendor I talked to (I think it was the femme behind QueenofQueens had said she was thinking of doing the same thing. Anyway - if you're on Etsy and queer or femme and interested in being on a queer or femme street team, let me know!

I'm posting new things soon, too. I haven't yet been able to figure out how the hell to post photos in this blog. The usual way I post images doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any idea? My google fu is failing.

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