Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a busy weekend!!

I spent hours tidying up my "studio," because I was having people over (and my studio is half of the living room)! Since I love seeing where other people do their work and make art, I thought you might enjoy seeing mine. It's already a disaster again!

The entire dining room nook of our open layout apartment is mine.... all mine. I obsessively watch Netflix On Demand from my laptop while spreading out my work and supplies over both tables.

I'm surprised when I see this picture! Surprised that the majority of my supplies all fit in this beautiful red bookcase. I do make small things, I guess. I also clean things out regularly and pare down what I'm not using.

I do love when my space is this organized. I think it's time to tidy up again. What's your workspace like? If you put up your own pics in a post, let me know! I love peeking into other crafters' crafty lives.


jessica said...

I love your studio! Adorable retro chairs, colorful bookcase! Cute, crafty goodness all around.

Cherrybombe said...

Thanks, jessica!! I love my vintage table & chairs set.