Monday, September 29, 2008

Lock up your sons... or something

(From seasprayblue)

I (finally) am a licensed driver again. No, I'd never had my license suspended or anything like that - I just moved to a different state and then it expired and then I never got around to getting a new one. Because my out of state license had expired, I had to go through the whole ordeal again: the written test, the driving test, parallel parking. But yes, yes, I did it, and I am licensed driver once more!

In honor of me achieving something that every 16 year old does... here are some car-themed finds!

This is totally what I look like in my new car! How did fauxtograph know?

I had been wondering where to find a monster steering wheel cover. Wonder no more! Check out PeculiarCreations.

Fuzzy dice? Or not? Courtesy of bananablossom.

Maybe a holly car decal to proclaim my yarn love, if Mr. Bombe consents (it is his car too, I guess).

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