Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Etsy Queer Street Team

If you identify as queer or anywhere on the GLBTQRSTUV spectrum and are an Etsy seller, there's a new Etsy Street Team - Queer Team!

Team chat is every Tuesday, 9-10 pm EST. Come find us in Etsy Chat! Join the team by contacting queenofqueens! We are still a new (and small) team, but I think we have great things a-foot, and we all feel passionately about bringing queer/GLBT visibility to Etsy.

And in the meantime, a few queer things!

"Pretty Boi" cards! Just what I need to distribute to all of my favorite drag kings. By SimonSaysCrafts.

Flamer! Courtesy of teaseshirts.

To say it with class! Trashydeluxe also has corresponding "Sissy", "Pervert", and "Gaywad" necklaces. Divine!

I don't think this button will help me and my partner actually find a domestic butch to come and stay with us... but it sure is cute. See also the Femme Daddy pins! Thanks, Buttonhead - dismantling stereotypes, one band pin at a time!

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