Saturday, October 4, 2008


It's been a busy week! I'll share some pics soon from my First Thursday event soon - when I get a chance to upload them. Anyway, I was busy getting ready for that event and finishing a big custom order. Oh, and getting distracted with making magnets, my new crafty endeavor. I'm trying to make a bunch for IDKE (the International Drag King Community Extravaganza), my next big vending event. Well, I was going to IDKE anyway, with my troupe - and it's the 10th IDKE, so that's very exciting. But I'm especially excited to be vending my wares...

And the zine! My zine, genderbent: notes from the drag king community, is a little pet project of mine, documenting drag king culture and community.

I have two issues out so far. Issue #1 deals with birth, beginnings, genesis, and Issue #2 is The Femme Issue. Issue #3 will be about community. I had originally planned to have Issue #3 done for IDKE, but I decided instead to make it an interactive zine and allow people to contribute AT IDKE. So we'll have paper, pens, and collage materials at our table, and we'll also be collecting submissions all day and for a few weeks after IDKE. I'm excited to collect some on-the-spot submissions that directly document our community in action.

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vantiani said...

Oh I really like that interactive idea! Well done!